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dc5dm (2m/70cm)

Deuz, NRW, Germany | Loc: JO40bv, ASL: 323 m





View from Lützel to Weidenau (University - home of O55)
The photo was taken in Oct. 10th, 2010 near Lützel, during a hiking tour. The village of Lützel is located within the Siegerland in the southeastern urban area of Hilchenbach and borders Netphen in the south-southwest and Erndtebrück in the east-northeast. Lützel is located on the Rothaargebirge ridge at 575.1 m above sea level (village center) on the federal highway 62 and has several nature reserves in its vicinity. About 1.2 km south-southeast of the village is the "settlement Lützel" on the southeastward running iron road. The highest elevation near the Lützel is the 658.5 m high Pfaffenhain, on whose western peak Giller stands the lookout tower Gillerturm. The Lützel is passed to the east by the still young Eder, which rises about 6 km away and flows further into the Wittgensteiner Land to the neighboring village of Erndtebrück. It is passed by the 2.1 km long Eder tributary Lützelbach, which rises on the Giller eastern flank within the village and flows off to the east. About 1.5 km in the direction of Erndtebrück at the mouth of the Wehbach into the Eder is the hamlet of Altenteich. Source: Translated with (free version)
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